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What is Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 | The Origin of COVID-19

The great human race came to a standstill in the year 2020 due to the deadly Corona virus also known as COVID-19. The outbreak began in the wet markets of Wuhan city located in Hubei province of China. Though the origin of this outbreak is still a mystery, our best researches indicates the origin to be a wet market in China. There were as few as 40 infections during December 2019 in Wuhan. However, it has now spread to 213 countries and territories around the world resulting in 6,463,647 infections and 382,709 deaths. COVID-19 has affected all forms of business around the world. There isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been touched by Corona Virus. Be it tourism, travel, agriculture, retail stores, there isn’t a single area that has been affected by COVID-19. However, most of the impact was borne by the health sector. It changed the way how we define human health.   For one, Nations understood that having superior medical infrastructure in their country is not enough as long as

Durga Puja 2011 Washington Time Schedule | Durga Pooja 2011 American Time

Durga Pooja is just about to begin. The Hindu believers from all parts of the world are waiting for the Durga Pooja . The days of Durga Puja re decided by looking at sun rise and sun set. They also takes moon rising and setting into consideration. It will be conducted in various temples. The time schedule will be a little different in different parts of world. The Time Schedule of Durga Puja in America in 2011 is given below. Read More about Durga Puja in Indian Standard Time   Durga Puja 2011 American Time 2 nd October, Sunday = Shashti . It starts at 6.24 pm. It includes ‘Amantran’ and ‘Adhibas’ in the evening. 3 rd October, Monday = Saptami . It starts at 6.25 pm previous day and ends at 4.52 pm that day. It includes “Nabo Patrika” at 10.02 am and predawn bathing of the   “Kola Bow”. 4 th October, Tuesday = Ashtami . It starts at 4.53 pm previous day and ends at 3.45 pm that day. It includes ‘Ashtami Puja’ at 10.03 am, Sandhi Puja between 3.21 pm to 4.09 pm and ‘

Navarathri 2011 | Durga Puja 2011 in the Bay Area

Durga Puja is coming to life in just a couple of days. Durga Puja dates are confirmed by looking at some factors. It include watching sun rise and sun set. The rising and setting of moon is also taken into consideration. The rising and setting of moon is referred as ‘tithi’. Durga Puja will be conducted after sun rise.  It will be conducted across all parts of the globe by the Hindu believers. The time schedule of Durga Puja in the bay area is given below. Sanskriti  = October 1 st to October 2 nd . It will be conducted at Centerville Junior High School Auditorium in Fremont. Prabasi = October 8 th to October 9 th at Chabot College in Hayward. Pashchimi =  October 2 nd to October 7 th at 3676 Delaware Drive in Fremont. Livermore Hindu Temple = October 2 nd to October 7 th at Livermore Hindu Temple.  Baybasi = October 1 st to October 2 nd at Bowditch Middle School in Foster city. Read More

Durga Puja 2011 | Durga Puja 2011 Indian Standard Time

Durga Puja is a great event in the Indian calendar. Durga Puja is conducted on various parts of the globe by the Hindu believers. Each year Goddess Durga arrives to earth by different modes. It includes elephants, horse, palanquin and boat. They signify luck (omen) which influences the earth’s life. The durga pujas in each year is arranged by looking at many factors. They look at the sun rise and sun set mainly. It is how they count days. Goddess Durga arrives on an elephant this year. Goddess Durga will depart on a palanquin. This years arrival, Goddess Durga coming in an elephant implies good harvest. But the way Goddess Durga departs.on a palanquin  implies the spread of an epidemic. The detailed calendar of the Durga Puja around various parts of Globe are given in this page. Durga Puja 2011 – Indian Standard Time ·         1 st October, Saturday – Panchami . It starts at 7.52 am. It will continue to 5.45 am next day. ·         2 nd October, Sunday – Shashti . it st

Wrong Turn 4 Bloody Beginnings | Release Date of Wrong Turn 4

Wrong Turn 4 is making its way into the theatres soon. The film belongs to the Wrong Turn sequences. However Wong Turn 4 Bloody Beginnings tells the story of how it all began. The film will be released on October 17 th 2011. It is released straight into DVD/Blue ray on October 17 th 2011. Story of Wrong Turn 4 The story begins the same was as other films in this sequence. A group of youngsters goes on for a tour. The youngsters got lost during snow riding on their snow mobiles. They finds a house in the snow. They seek shelter in that abandoned house. Its actually a sanitarium. A family of cannibals resides there. It’s a party of blood and flesh which follows the arrival of youngsters in that sanitarium. The story tells the beginning of this sequence as well. Download Wrong Turn 4 Trailer Dean Armstrong, Jennifer Pudavick, Kaitlyn Wong and Kristen Harris are the actors playing the role of potential corpses. Daniel Skene, Sean Skene and Scott Johnson plays the role of can

RBI Recruitment 2011 Officers Grade B | Syllabus of RBI Recruitment 2011

The RBI Recruitment 2011 is announced. The exam consists of two phases – objective type and descriptive type. The Phase one consists of Objective type questions. Phase 1 It includes ·         General awareness ·         English language ·         Quantitative aptitude ·         Reasoning Candidates must obtain minimum marks individually for each tests. The minimum marks is prescribed by the Board. Phase 2 includes ·         Paper 1- English ·         Paper 2- Economic and Social Issues ·         Paper 3- Finance and Management The phase 2 exams will be conducted to only those candidates who are successful in the first Phase of Exam (Objective type exam). The 3 papers in Phase 2 have 3 hours of time individually. Each carries 100 marks. RBI says that the questions will be basic in nature. The syllabus given above is only indicative. It is kept in view that candidates are coming from different family backgrounds. The details regarding RBI Rec

7th Sense Telugu Movie | Ezham Arivu in Telugu

7 th sense is the latest movie of Surya in Telugu. The film releases in Tamil in the name ‘Ezham Arivu’. The film is noted for many incidents such as Surya and Murugadoss coming together after 6 years. Their last combination gave the greatest film in Tamil ‘Gajini’. People are expecting more from this pair again. Udhayanidhi Stalin is the producer of the film. He gave 10 crores to the Director for the first ten minutes of the film. Fans are curious to know what is in that 10 minutes. The movie will be released on 26 th October 2011. 7 th sense is a science fiction movie. the makers of the film says that this is a film which no Indian had ever seen. They say that the movie is full of fresh contents. Ravi K Chandrn is the cinematographer of the film. He says he is interested in the first ten minutes of the film. No body wants to miss that part. The film is made on a high budget. The audio launch of the film in Telugu has been occurred on 23 rd September 2011. Surya and Shruti

GATE 2012 Notifications | Apply Online for GATE 2012

GATE 2011 has been a tough competitive exam. Candidates from all parts of India attended the exam. With the end of GATE 2011 exam, candidates are preparing for the GATE 2012 exam already. The important dates regarding GATE 2012 are given in this page. GATE 2012 Notification / GATE 2012 Application form – 12 th September 2011 Last date of Application (submitting) – 17 th October 2011 Exam date of GATE 2012 – 12 th February 2012 Announcement of Results GATE 2012 – 15 th march 2012 Admissions to M.Tech courses – 15 th March 2012 to July 2012 Syllabus of GATE 2012 The syllabus of the GATE 2012 will be same as GATE 2011 until there is a declaration from the officials. So far no announcements has been made regarding the change of syllabus. Keep updated with the dates of GATE 2012 by subscribing to this blog.   We are expecting complete online test in the near future. We already saw online tests for four subjects. Only online registration is also a clear indication t

Ezham Arivu Tamil Movie | Surya in Ezham Arivu

Surya and Shruthi Hassan is starring in the latest Tamil movie ‘Ezham Arivu’ or seventh sense. Shruthi Hassan is back to the film field with stunning looks. She is the daughter of Kamala Hassan, one of the finest actors in India. Surya is also coming with stylish looks. The audio release of the film has been done on September 22 this year.  The release date of the film is confirmed. It will be releasing on October 26 th (on Deepavali). The film is expected to be a hit in the Kollywood. Ezham Arivu is directed by A R Murugadoss. The music director of the film is Harris Jayaraj The songs in the film is already a hit in the Kollywood thanks to the great music director, Harris Jayaraj. The film is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin with the help of Red Giant Movie Banner. The other actors in the film are Johnny Tri Nguyen, Avinash, Abhinaya, Guinness Pakru and Dhanya Balakrishnan.  The stills and trailer of the movie is already available in the internet. Read more about 7th Sense

Mysore Dasara 2011 | When is Mysore Dasara Festival

Inauguration of Mysor Dasara 2011 The Mysore Dasara in 2011 will become live on 28th September . The cultural city will come into full light when Udupi Pajwar Sri Sri Vishvesa Theertha Swamiji Sri inaugurates the Dasara 2011. The Mysore city is all thrilled up for the royal celebrations.  The Dasara festivities are welcomed by people with great interest. The Amba vilas palace is fully decorated now. Mysore city has 45 circles within the main area. Out of these five circles are really important. The important circles are   Ayurveda College Circle , Chamarajendra Circle,   Hardinge Circle , KR Circle, Clock Tower Circle. These important circles are situated in the procession route. The main highlight of the nine day celebrations is this procession route (or Jamboo Savari). The city is being decorated by the Horticulture Department even as we speak of it. Every body is takilng keen interest on the festival. Programs in Dasara Festival The Karnataka State Government will arrang

Apply Online for Range Forest Officer Kerala | PSC Exam for Range Forest Officer Kerala

PSC invites candidates for the post of Range Forest Officer for Kerala State. PSC also gives the opportunity for the employees from the posts of Wild Life Assistant, Deputy Ranger, Forester and Forest Guard and Forest Ministrial Sub ordinate Service and Kerala Forest Ministrial Service to this post by transfer. The applications to post by transfer is also been called by PSC. Gazat date is 15-09-2011. The last date of application is October 19 2011. Only online application are considered. Selected candidates should complete 18 month course in Forest Service Colleges under Directorate of Forest Education in the period of 2011 to 2012. The details are given below. Category number 293/2011 Range Forest Officer Department of Forest Department – Forest Name of Post- Range Forest Officer Salary- 20740 to 36140 Vacancies – 10 Method of Posting- Direct Age – 19 to 28 Eligibility- Degree in any of the following courses under a recognized University        Agriculture,

Watch Idea Star Singer Season Five Live | Idea Star Singer Season Five Final Live

Watch Idea Star Singer Season Five Live | Idea Star Singer Season Five Final Live Read this page to get details about the final show of  Idea Star Singer  Season Five. The popular music show in Kerala, Idea Star Singer is reaching its final stage in Season 5. The musical reality show is very popular in Kerala. The contestants for the Grand Finale of the Idea Star Singer Season 5 are  Athira K Krishnan, Saibalan,  Shabeer  J , Deepak JR , Shilpa Raju, Antony John VJ , Kalpana Raghavendar,  Immanuel Henry  , Mridula Varier,  Akhil Krishnan . The final round participants are selected by eliminating many other contestants. The final show will be conducted in a stage just like the previous shows. There are stiff predictions going on to guess the winner of the reality show. The Idea Star Singer is telecasted in Asianet from Monday to Friday at 8.00 pm. The viewers of the reality show is increasing from seasons. The price money of the reality show is also of high value. Winner can

Indian Cricketer Mansoor Alikhan Pattaudi | Profile of Mansoor Alikhan Pattaudi

The former captain of Indian Cricket team,Mansoor  Alikhan Pattaudi(71) passed away in the evening today. He was in Ganga ram Hospital, Delhi for treatment for several days.  His condition became worse in the morning.  His death is a great loss to the cricket world. Mansoor Alikhan was born in a royal family in Bhopal. His father, Ifthikar Alikhan Pattoudi was also a cricket player. Mansoor Alikhan became the Captain of Indian team at the age of 21. He is also the youngest captain of team India. He played 46 test matches for India. He was the captain of 40 tests out of 46 tests he played. India won the first series test in a foreign soil under his captiancy. It was in 1971 when Indian team defeated New Zealand side in their soil. India played with 3 spinners in that game. It was a great achievement to the nation. Mansoor Alikhan Pattaudi was the cricket player to give India a new spirit. His batting style was noticed all over the world. He lost his one eye in a car accident. It didn’

Earthquake in Sikkim | News of Earthquakes in North India

Strong earthquakes have been reported in the North Eastern states of India. The earth quake prone states include Assam and Sikkim manily. The sudden tremors struck these states at the time of 6.30 pm in the evening. The ricter scale recorde 6.8. The intensity of the earthquakes is very high. A city in Sikkim, Mangan is the source centre of the earth quake which struck few north Indian States and North Eastern states very recently. Mangan is situated 64 kilo metres from the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok. 11 deaths is reported so far. The earth quake destroyed many buildings and properties. There are reports which says that many people are still trapped in those destroyed buildings. The transport  facilities are under obstruction. Electricity is also obstructed due to the destruction of many buildings. Ricter scale recorded 4.8 in the first tremor. Earth quake struck two times after that succeeding the first one. Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh called Sikkim Chief Ministe

Watch Inside Kingdom of Dreams | Show about Bollywood in Nat Geo Channel

National Geographic Channel presents a spectacular show which allows people to study Indian culture in its style. The show includes Music, Drama, Fun and all forms of entertainments. The show starts on 17 th  September. It repeats on September 18 th  and September 21 st . The detailed information of the show is given below : Show type - Documentary Language – English ·          17 th  September 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm Repeats on ·          18 th  September 12.00 am ·          18 th  September 12.00 pm ·          21 st  September 10.00 am About Nat Geo Inside…. Nat Geo Inside is a special program of National Geographic Channel which penetrates our vision to the restricted places in the world and goes behind the scenes of spectacular events happened in world. It gives us the exclusive story of such unraveling incidents. It will combine high tech tools, non stop actions and dramas, unchallenged science facts and adventures. The show enters almost all parts of world without any limitations

Swapnasanjari Malayalam movie | Latest Film of Jayaram

'Swapnasanjari' is the latest film of Jayaram. Swapnasanjari is a family film. Samvritha Sunil is the main actress in the movie.  Jagathi Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, Harisree Ashokan, Irshad, Jayaraj Variyar, Shaju, Balachandran Chullikkadu, Manikandan Pattambi, Sivaji Guruvayur, Sasi Kalinga, Kavitha Nair and Kripa are the other actors in the film. After the hit film ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ K. Gireesh is writing the script, story and dialogues for the film. Jayachandran is the music director of the film.   The story depicts the real life of a man from Kerala. His struggle to earn more in life is the feature of the film. The film really shows the characteristics of a common man. Kamal is the director of the film. Ajayachandran is the name of the main character in the film. Ajayachandran is trying to earn everything in his life. The story shows his struggles and problems related to it. The shooting of the film was started in Thodupuzha,Kerala. The producer of the film is Thankachan

Live Score of India vs England Final ODI | Watch India vs England 5th ODI Live

Watch India vs England final ODI live in Star Cricket and DD One. Check this page to get details about India vs England final ODI match going to be held on 17 th  september in England. The ODI series has been a failure for team India. India performed badly in the Test series. The last hope for India is today. It will be a relief if India win the last match even though winning this match is not going to do much good for team India.  The Indians failed to perform in all aspects of the game. This will be the last ODI match for Rahul Dravid as well. The match is scheduled to start at 6.30 pm today. All Indian fans needed a win in this match to give Rahul Dravid a farewell. Rahul Dravid has been a fantastic batsman for team India. He faced lot of criticism even though he scored more than ten thousand runs in ODI matches. He belongs to the class of Sachin Tendulkar and other legends in scoring over 10 thousand runs in ODI matches. Dravid will also be looking for a victory. Indian captain,

Retirement of Rahul Dravid | Last ODI of Rahul Dravid, the Wall

Watch the last ODI match of a great Indian batsman, Rahul Dravid today 6.30 pm in Star Cricket and DD one. The final ODI match between India and England is also the last ODI match of Rahul Dravid. Rahul Dravid has been in a fantastic form in the last test series played between India and England. He knocked 3 hundreds in the 4 test matches. All fans of Rahul Dravid wants a win for team India which will be a highlight for his carrier. Dravid’s carrier has been a lengthy one. He was India when it was evolving. He played over 100 test matches for India. He scored more than ten thousand runs in ODI matches and Test matches individually. His ability to save the test matches has been a plus point for India. Rahul Dravid does not fears retirement. He says that the retirement from ODI matches is not going to affect his life at all. He also says there is no need to fear retirement after a lengthy cricketing carrier. He agrees to the fact that One Day International matches has been a little m

Profile of Rahul Dravid | Rahul Dravid’s Carrier

Read this page to get informations regarding  the profile of Rahul Dravid. Rahul Dravid has been a great batsman for Indian cricket. His contributions to Indian cricket is very valuable. He played over 100 test matches for India. He played 344 One Day Matches for India. He is going to retire after the final ODI match between India and England on 17 th  september 2011. His fans from all parts of world are eager to see him play in the last ODI match between India and England. Records of Dravid Rahul Dravid scored 10820 runs in One Day matches with an average of 39.06. He scored 12 centuries and 82 half centuries in One Day matches. He has a rank of 7 in the highest run scorers in ODI matches. He has been outstanding in test matches. He is the second highest run scorer in test matches only after the great batsman,Sachin Tendulkar. He averages well over 50 in test matches. He scored ovr 30 centuries in test matches. His well known for his techniques in batting. Rahul Dravid has a text

I League Football Matches in Kerala | I League football matches in Kochi and Trivandrum

Kerala will be the home ground of thirteen home ground matches of the ‘Chirag Kerala’ team in I league football matches. Kochi will host 8 matches and Trivandrum will host 5 matches out of 13 matches in Kerala. The complete schedule of the I league football matches are not available now. A temporary list of matches shows that Chirag Kerala will play their first match against ‘Air India’ on 6 th  November 2011. It will be the first home ground match of Chirag Kerala. The last football match of Chirag Kerala is on April 14 th  in next year. It will be against Mumbai FC. The last match will be held in Kaloor International Stadium. There is also discussions for rescheduling Chirag Kerala’s home ground matches to be finished before April 2012.   The final schedule of the matches for all I league football matches will be available on 22 nd  september 2011. A meeting is going to be conducted on that day by the All India Football Federation Executive Committee. The teams for the matches ar

LG Cinema 3D HD TV | Specifications of LG 3D TV

LG has been creating new 3D televisions which has a lot of unique characteristics. LG has been successful in producing 3D televisions which are flicker free. LG now holds a standard for creating 3D televisions which are flicker free. LG47LW6500 and 42LW5700 are LG’s previous models in this class. LG now announces the release of a new 3D HD TV with model number LW9805. Features of LG Cinema 3D HD TV ·           Advanced Cinema 3D Technology by LG ·           Smart TV functions ·           NANO FULL EED ·           High Definition ·           Wi-fi connectivity The 3D glasses used for this 3D Television are easy to use. It is weight less and no need to charge any battery for this. The 3D TV also has a wide viewing angle. The 3D coversion of the TV is of high quality. You don’t need to witch off all other lights when watching 3D films in LG Cinema 3D TV. We can also connect the smart TV to internet by using ethernet port. It will help us to access internet applications present in the S

3G Android Tablets under 13000 RS | Reliance 3G Tablet Android

Reliance will be the first Telecom operator to produce Android Tablets in India with 3G features. The price of a Reliance 3G Tablet is only rupees 12999. It is available in huge discounts in big circles such as Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The 3G plans available with this Reliance 3G tablet is also a bit of relief to people. Its available in bulk plans in high end cities. Features of Reliance 3G Tablet ·           ZTE Blade will be the producers of this tablet. They have also prosuced Dell XCD35 ·           Capacitive touch will be the available mode of interface. ·           Screen size is of 7 inch ·           It works on Android Ginger Bird 2.3 ·           512 MB Ram ·           1 Ghz processor ( Brand of processor is not known) ·           Expandable memory upto 32 GB ·           It also comes up with a free 4 GB card ·           Document reader and Video recorder are also available Special Data Packs Available with Reliance 3G Tab 12 GB Internet for rupees 4500 with a validity of

Two Factor Authentication for Google Accounts and Facebook | How to Protect Facebook and Google Account from Hackers

Is our Internet Accounts Safe? Usually we require only one username and password for signing into gmail, facebook or other social network sites. We think that this one password setup is most secure. We hear news regularly that Facebook and Orkut accounts are being hacked in many areas of world. The chances of our secret password getting hacked are not narrow. There are high possibilities for this to happen in common internet servers such as Internet Café, Public Wifi networks, airports and other areas. We may be forced to use public computers in certain circumstances as well. So only thing we can do is to protect our account from getting hacked. The best way to protect your account is ‘Two Factor Authentication’. What is Two Factor Authentication? ‘Two Factor Authentication’ uses  another passcode along with our main password. Such extra passcodes can be used only once. So the hackers can’t use the same passcode again. This extra passcode will be sent to our mobile phones by Google

Using Two Step Verification in Google | How to Use 2 Step Verification in Google

How to Activate Two Factor Authentication in Google Accounts? Activating Two Factor Authentication is only two minute procedure. The detailed procedure is given below. Follow the steps to activate Two Factor Authentication. Log in to your Google Account. Let it be Gmail, Blogger or any Google Account. Click on the ‘Account Settings’. You can see it on the top bar where your account name is displayed. You will be directed to Google Account Settings now. You will see ‘ Personal Settings’ in the page. Under the ‘Personal Settings’ Menu you will notice ‘2 Step Verification . You will be directed to ‘Protect your Google Account’ on clikcing that link. You will be asked to give your password again. Give your Mobile Phone Number when asked. You can set a back up mobile if your mobile number is not in coverage area. Verify the code sent by Google to your mobile. Done Now you can use your Google Account in public Internet Networks more safely than ever.  You can know about Google

How to Protect Gmail from Hackers | Steps to Make Gmail Safe

Kaspersky  Labs has been saying may times that India is becoming the capital of spams. It is not a false statement. The hackers are now interested in social networking sites and personal e-mail accounts. There fore the safety of such internet applications are also on the verge of danger. The latest method a common man could use to prevent his account from getting hacked is ‘Two Step Authentication’ or ‘2 step Verification’. The safety of our single username and one password for it is not great. It can be hacked very easily. Two factor Authentication uses two password for signing into internet accounts such as gmail or hotmail. One passcode can be used only once. It will be used along with our main password. This extra password will be sent to our mobile phone by Google. This passcode will get expired as soon as you login to your account in a new device. You have to activate this security feature before using it. You can follow the link given below to activate the Two Step Authentica

Profile of Sachin

During the last two years India has had a mixed success. Barring a few good performances in Pakistan and at home, India had seldom done well. It had a bad one day series in West Indies. Tendulkar’s injury and a slow recovery along with his age adding on has hampered his future prospects. Ganguly is talented and if he remains fit and applies right temparament, he can be useful to his team. India’s first ever test win against South Africa in South Africa was a proud moment to the nation. Tendulkar survived his injuries every time even though it took some matches from his carrier. He was never able to give up the cause. He performs very well even at the age of 30+. He knocked centuries many times which remained challenging and as an unachievable target for other batsmen. The way he knocks centuries was very special. Sachin Tendulkar continued to dominate the bowlers even after two decades of play. His profile is a lengthy one. It is also a guide book to many other players. He is the mo