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What is Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 | The Origin of COVID-19

The great human race came to a standstill in the year 2020 due to the deadly Corona virus also known as COVID-19. The outbreak began in the wet markets of Wuhan city located in Hubei province of China. Though the origin of this outbreak is still a mystery, our best researches indicates the origin to be a wet market in China. There were as few as 40 infections during December 2019 in Wuhan. However, it has now spread to 213 countries and territories around the world resulting in 6,463,647 infections and 382,709 deaths. COVID-19 has affected all forms of business around the world. There isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been touched by Corona Virus. Be it tourism, travel, agriculture, retail stores, there isn’t a single area that has been affected by COVID-19. However, most of the impact was borne by the health sector. It changed the way how we define human health.   For one, Nations understood that having superior medical infrastructure in their country is not enough as long as

Earthquake in Sikkim | News of Earthquakes in North India

Strong earthquakes have been reported in the North Eastern states of India. The earth quake prone states include Assam and Sikkim manily. The sudden tremors struck these states at the time of 6.30 pm in the evening. The ricter scale recorde 6.8. The intensity of the earthquakes is very high. A city in Sikkim, Mangan is the source centre of the earth quake which struck few north Indian States and North Eastern states very recently. Mangan is situated 64 kilo metres from the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok. 11 deaths is reported so far. The earth quake destroyed many buildings and properties. There are reports which says that many people are still trapped in those destroyed buildings. The transport  facilities are under obstruction. Electricity is also obstructed due to the destruction of many buildings. Ricter scale recorded 4.8 in the first tremor. Earth quake struck two times after that succeeding the first one. Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh called Sikkim Chief Ministe