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Nipah Virus Outbreak in Kozhikode, Kerala, India

On May 5th, 2015, in a village area of Kerala, India, a person named Mohammad Sabith(23) died of fever. He was admitted in the hospital. The Health department of the State of Kerala did not expect what was coming to hit them. Two weeks later, his brother was also seen showing the same symptoms. He too was admitted in the hospital. One of the elder lady in the family also got sick. This time the Health department became alarmed and they took the blood samples of the patients. They did not collect the blood sample of the first patient since they had no clue about the cause behind his death. They send the samples to Department of Virus Reasearch, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The Health Department did not stop there. They took extreme care in isolating the patients and stopping any chance of spreading this virus.

On May 20th, 2018, the result from Manipal came which showed that the outbreak was nothing but Nipah virus. By this time the death toll has increased. One of the nurse w…

Sleeping Beauty Release Date In India | Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty is the remake of the 2011 Australian adult drama film. It is about a university student who falls in the traps of modern world. She gets drugged in a sleeping beauty chamber and faces many sexual encounters. The film is a bout a girl, Lucy (Emily Browning) who possesses some kind of radical passivity.
Cast of The Movie ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Emily Browning
Producer – Jessica Bretnall, Sasha Burrows, Tomothy White and Jamie Hilton Director – Julia Leigh Music – Ben Frost Writer – Julia Leigh Release Date – 2nd December 2011
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