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What is Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 | The Origin of COVID-19

The great human race came to a standstill in the year 2020 due to the deadly Corona virus also known as COVID-19. The outbreak began in the wet markets of Wuhan city located in Hubei province of China. Though the origin of this outbreak is still a mystery, our best researches indicates the origin to be a wet market in China. There were as few as 40 infections during December 2019 in Wuhan. However, it has now spread to 213 countries and territories around the world resulting in 6,463,647 infections and 382,709 deaths. COVID-19 has affected all forms of business around the world. There isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been touched by Corona Virus. Be it tourism, travel, agriculture, retail stores, there isn’t a single area that has been affected by COVID-19. However, most of the impact was borne by the health sector. It changed the way how we define human health.   For one, Nations understood that having superior medical infrastructure in their country is not enough as long as

Step Up 4 Revolutions Release Date | Step Up 4 Movie Review

Step Up Revolutions is the fourth sequel to the Step Up Series. Step Up 4 is also a 3D film. It will be produced by Jon Chu who is the director of Step Up 3D. The film is set in the streets of Miami. Step Up series is the most successful dance films worldwide. The release dates of Step Up 4 Revolutions is given below: Release Date of Step Up 4… 26 th July 2012 in Hong Kong, Russia, Netherlands, Thailand 27 th July 2012 in Estonia, Poland, USA and Lithuania 1 st August 2012 in Belgium 2 nd August 2012 in Australia and New Zealand 3 rd August 2012 in Bulgaria, Vitnam 8 th August 2012 in France 9 th August 2012 in Denmark and Portugal 10 th August 2012 in Ireland, Taiwan and UK 15 th August 2012 in Iceland 17 th August 2012 in Norway 30 th August 2012 in Czech Republic, Germany and Singapore 6 th September in 2012 in Greece and Hungary  7 th September in 2012 in Spain 8 th September in 2012 in Argentina 9 th November in Brazil

Jism 2 Upcoming Bollywood Movie Review | Jism 2 Release Date in India

                                                                 Jism 2 Movie Poster Jism 2 Movie Review... Jism 2 is the new sensational news in Bollywood. Its fame comes from the introduction of adult film star Sunny Leone in the Bollywood. Jism 2 is only famous because it is a sequel to the earlier movie ‘Jism’. The film comes under the words that ‘To love her is to Die’. It’s a story of two men loving a single woman. Jism 2 is already a sensation in the internet as well. Its trailer got a huge number of hits in Youtube. It’s an indication that this film is a much awaited one. The film already passed with an A-certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification. Jism had Bipash Basu and John Abraham in the lead roles. Jism 2 has Sunny Leone,Randip Hooda and Arunoday Singh in the lead roles.  Jism 2 Movie Info: Director – Pooja Bhatt Producers – Dino Morea and Pooja Bhatt Writer- Mahesh Bhatt Screen Play – Mahesh Bhatt Cast – Sunny Leone as Izna      

Watch London Olympics 2012 Live | Internet Streaming of London Olympics 2012 Live

London Olympics 2012 Watch Live... There is only a few days left for the great events at London to unfold. London Olympics will soon become live and the ever increasing joy of Olympics is something to be experienced live. Even though it is not possible for everyone to go to London and watch Olympics people can still stream live videos of London Olympics 2012. People can watch London Olympics 2012 live in internet through NBC. The full site address of NBC is given here  Watch London Olympics 2012 at NBC .  Please note that NBC can telecast the live videos of London Olympics 2012 only in United States and other US territories. Viewers from other nations can still view the non-event videos from this site. The opening ceremony of London Olympics 2012 is scheduled to start on july 27 th  2012. Women’s soccer starts on 25 th july 2012. Football is the only event starting before the grand Opening Ceremony of London Olympics 2012. London is fully prepared for the great saga to unfold.

Aircel 3G and 2G Unlimited Offers | Unlimited 3G Plans from Aircel

Price 3G Usage Valid for Post 3G usage Plans for Mobile Only Rs 7 50 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 1 day Unlimited at 128kbps# Rs 16 100 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 3 days Rs 39 200 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 7 days Rs 67 250 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 15 days Rs 128 500 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days Plans for Mobile + Dongle Rs 198 1 GB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days Rs 399 2 GB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days Rs 697 5 GB @ 7.2 Mbps 30 days Rs 997 10 GB @ 7.2 Mbps 30 days Aircel offers a wide variety of tariff plans for 3G usage. Their details are given below. Please note that 3G speed is available only for a specified data size. After that usage speed is reduced considerably. Even then it is the best 3G plan available in India for mobile customers. It is introduced in the name Pocket Internet Smart. How to act